Requirements for New International Students:

  • Your passport needs a minimum validity of 18 months (1 ½ year) to come into the country. You are entitled to apply for Student Pass throughout the full term of the study, i.e.; Phd for 3 years, Master for 1-2 years, and Undergraduate 4-6 years with condition that your Passport has sufficient validity period.  Please make the right amount of payment. Those who do not meet the condition and students from war-thorn countries are subject to Student Pass which must be renewed annually.

Procedure for New International Students:

  • To apply for your student pass, please coordinate and send all the necessary documents as specified in
  • USIM ‘Alamiyyah will submit your documents to the Immigration Department of Malaysia for processing. Note that VAL processing takes 6 to 8 weeks.
  • Once approved by the Immigration, the University will send you your Visa Approval Letter (VAL). All new students MUST go to the nearest Malaysian Embassy (preferably in your home country) to obtain a “Single Entry Visa.”
  • The VAL is valid only for 6 months. You should get your “Single Entry Visa” and come into Malaysia at least 1 month before your VAL expires.
  • Once you get your “Single Entry Visa” and have made your travel arrangements, inform the University at least seven (7) working days before departing from your country. Bring your VAL.
  • Your passport must be submitted to the visa unit at least 23 days before your VAL expires.


  • “VAL” is the letter from the Immigration allowing you to study in Malaysia. Your “Single Entry Visa” is a stamp in your passport that the Malaysian Embassy in your home country issues after you submit your VAL.

Section 6(3) Immigration Act 1959/63 can be interpreted that International students in Malaysia can be classified as illegal entrants if;


  1. She/he fails to produce a genuine passport/travel document upon request.
  2. Passport/travel document does not have a valid entry endorsement.
  3. The penalty for an offense on illegal entry is;
    1. Fine not exceeding RM10,000.00 or imprisonment not exceeding 5 years or both.
    2. Compound of RM3,000.00.