Special Pass (SP) is a temporary visa that you must apply in various situations:

  • When you submit your VISA renewal but the validity of your existing Student Pass is already expired.
  • When you are about to further study at a new institution in which your Student Pass at original institution must be applied for cancellation first for your new VAL to be applied. During this period, SP is needed.
  • When the existing SP expired.

Only 3 times Special Pass can be applied. The first and 2nd and 3rd SP, each is only valid for one month period. If your 3rd SP is about to expire, you MUST plan to leave Malaysia.

A charge of RM100 will be imposed for a Special Pass application.


Steps to apply for a Special Pass

  1. Submit an application Pass the following documents to USIM ‘Alamiyyah counter: I.     Recommendation Letter for Special PassII.     Original PassportIII.     One (1) copy of receipt paid to USIM Bendahari for Immigration processing fee RM100

    IV.      If applicable:

    –  Flight Ticket

    –  Appeal Letter (Failed and Dismissed)

    –  Confirmation Letter (Viva)

    –  Senate Approval Letter

                        –  Explanation Letter

  2. Passport submitted to Seremban Immigration (14 Working Days)
  3. Passport returned back to Student


 *Special Pass must be made Two (2) weeks before Student Pass expired