All students are encouraged to undergo an internationalization program at least once during their study. One of the options for students to experience and learn more about global perspectives is the International Academic visit.

The international academic visit helped students build their skills and talent to organize prestigious programmes that will encourage the spirit of internationalization at the international level.  Among the programmes that can be structured are the international conferences, where both groups of students from USIM and other Universities of foreign countries could share their thought and sayings on specific topics that could contribute to the development of ummah for the entire programme.

On the other hand, students could also manage any relevant academic programmes such as debates, forums, workshops and paper presentations. The programme must be agreed upon and approved by the counterpart universities in order to ensure the smoothness of the programmes.

Usually, this program will be managed by a group of students in the same faculty or club. This programme will be held for one week which the group had chosen and starts the communication with the selected institution that they wish to collaborate. Student must also submit their application by sending their proposal to USIM ‘Alamiyyah in order to get the official programme approval from USIM. Among the favourite countries that have usually been selected by the students are Indonesia, Thailand, China, South Korea, Turkey, Sri Lanka and many more.

Useful academic programme activities such as debates, forums, seminars, etc. must be attached together with justification of the activity, abstract/module. Each academic activity must be evaluated using a common programme survey and statistically reported in the final report document submitted within 2 weeks time upon the end of the programme.

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