Renewal process for visa application is an obligation to all International Students whoever already received their previous student pass. All international students are responsible for their own student pass validity while studying in Malaysia. The Renewal application should be made as early as 4 months before the student pass expiry date by submitting your document via our counter. (i.e. student pass expiry on 11 May 2021, you can submit renewal by 11 January 2021, or pass expiry on 25 September 2021, you can submit renewal by 27 May 2021).


Student needs to be in Malaysia during the process of renewing the student pass. Renewal requires some details for the application process and international students must submit all related documents to USIM ‘Alamiyyah (UA) via email :

  1. Copy of passport information page, student pass/visa including the expired pass, pages that have passport records used from travel stamps from KLIA. Additionally, the passport must have more than 18 months of validity.
  2. Academic records and examination results. Student must provide Recommendation Letter for renewal visa/student pass from PPS (Postgraduate) and BPA (Undergraduate). Undergraduates also need to submit the Latest Examination Result. EMGS requires student attendance of at least 80% and a CGPA of at least 2.0 and above. Please provide the supporting letter from the Dean of your faculty if your attendance and CGPA are below than EMGS requirement to support your renewal application.
  3. Copy of receipt payment to USIM ‘Alamiyyah:
  • MYR 120 to USIM Bursary Department for the admin and student pass fees;
  • MYR 666.40 to EMGS Account for EMGS fee with insurance; or
  • MYR 198.40 to EMGS Account for EMGS fee without insurance (must attach a copy of valid insurance policy from their insurance company or attach sponsorship letter for a student who receives sponsorship).

Please be reminded, overstaying/late submission of documents is a serious offense, and will be obliged to pay a penalty or special pass imposed by the Department of Immigration Malaysia.


All related documents for the Renewal application submitted by the international student will be applied by the representative from UA in the Education Malaysia Global Services (EMGS) system called STARS.

  1. International students will get a reminder to submit the passport to the counter from UA once EMGS Supporting Letter is ready.
  2. The passport and EMGS Supporting Letter will be submitted to the Department of Immigration Malaysia, Seremban (IMM) for the sticker endorsement process.

Note: Total renewal process will take 14 working days (or 2 Weeks).  This timeline is at the discretion of the Immigration Department. Please refer to the FAQ for more details.


You can start submit your documents 4 months (120 days) before the expiry date of visa. USIM ‘Alamiyyah will process your documents 3 months before  your students’ visa expiry date.

Kindly submit all the required documents 4 MONTHS (120 days) before expiry date. You will be penalized accordingly if you do not submit them 3 months’ before your visa expiry date.

Students are not allowed to purchase any flight ticket before obtaining your student pass/passport from USIM ‘Alamiyyah to avoid any problem arises afterwards.

YES, but your friend must acknowledge Visa Support Team representative before collect the passport.

All penalties imposed by the Department of Immigration Malaysia in the event of late renewal or expiry of student pass are to be borne by the student and all the payment must be made through USIM Bursary. The total fine is based on days of students overstayed which is minimum fine is RM1100 and maximum is RM10,000. Then, students are required report to the immigration office to take statement by immigration officer. Immigration Department will issue a special pass (Making arrangement to leave country) within 7 -14 days. The process will take 1-3 months to complete. Please contact USIM ‘Alamiyyah for more details.

If you are in Malaysia, you overstayed and will be subject to penalties imposed by the Department of Immigration Malaysia, which include detention and fine. If you are outside Malaysia, do not re-enter Malaysia as a tourist via a social pass. You may be required to apply for a VAL prior to entering Malaysia. Please email us at for further advice.

You are required to renew your passport at your embassy. Then apply for a transfer of endorsement (i.e., transferring the student pass sticker from your old passport to the new passport). Please submit both passport (old & new) for transfer the sticker endorsement.

Upon arrival at Malaysia, please show to the Immigration Officer your student pass at old passport. The immigration will give a Special Pass for 14-30 days. Please submit your passport for transfer endorsement to new passport at USIM ‘Alamiyyah within 3 days of arrival.

If your application for renewal of student pass is rejected by EMGS/ Immigration Department of Malaysia, you are required to defer your studies and return to your home country. You will be required to apply for a new student pass.

You are required to submit your original passport only when EMGS tracker show progress of 90% (usually take 2-3 weeks after submission of document to counter UA). Track your renewal progress at


Renewal Checklist
Renewal Infographic
Renewal FAQ

If you have any inquiries about visa, please email to