The Vision, Mission and Objectives of USIM are designed towards nurturing a noble generation and a knowledgeable society based on Islamic principles. This includes the emphasis on knowledge sharing at an international level as a means of promoting mutual understanding and to foster peace, harmony and global development.  Therefore, an institutional culture that embeds the universal Islamic worldview in the University’s curriculum, teaching and research activities is essential so that the USIM community of students and staff can become global learners and citizens.

The concept of ‘Alamiyyah is introduced to reflect USIM’s transnational policy that is holistic and goes beyond the realm of internationalization currently practiced by the majority of institutions. It means that besides content in the curriculum, the university requires every stratum of its community to be engaged in global networking, transnational research and experience other cultures.  There is also a need to create a borderless intercultural setting in the university, and for staff and students who do not have the opportunity to go abroad, ‘internationalization at home’ activities and the presence of international students and staff are highly encouraged.

This ‘Alamiyyah policy is constructed by taking into account the entire ecosystem of current developments in higher education and the unique integration of Naqli and Aqli elements of USIM in order to position it on a global level and create a community and graduates who can function within a global context.


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