Experience has shown that the cost of living in Nilai is reasonable and affordable compared to other major cities in Malaysia; this made it possible for our students, especially the international students to enjoy their stay and be focused on their academic career. More often, the total expenditure for feeding and accommodation in Nilai, where the Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM) is located is reasonable and affordable compared to what will be consumed for feeding and accommodation in Malaysian major cities. For any international students who are preparing for their future academic career in USIM, here are some other vital information needed;


On-campus accommodation is available for the 1st year undergraduate international students at a reasonable rate of RM700 per semester (subject to change) and for graduate students, charges for on-campus accommodation (if available) range from RM10 to RM25 per day. But due to limited accommodation facilities, graduate students are advised to arrange for their accommodation before arrival, the cost of off-campus accommodation in Nilai varies from RM500-RM1500 (USD150-USD500) per month.

The University has the priority to consider and place the undergraduate students into the available on-campus accommodation upon arrival, the distance between on-campus accommodations is within the distance of 1-5km to the main campus, though, the distance varies from one apartment to the other.


In the area of transportation, the University provides the students with shuttle buses within the campus and from their different residential colleges/on-campus accommodations to the campus. Transportation facilities are also available for any student living within the vicinity of residential colleges.   


Students are now may enjoy using GrabCar private car riding services. Fare are subject to pick up and drop-off locations. You may find it affordable to use this service. You may get the App from Google Play store or Apple Store.

GrabCar –



To cater for the welfare of the students throughout their course of studies, both local and international students are covered for outpatient clinic services provided by the USIM Health Center. The Center is located within the campus and well equipped with modern facilities and pharmaceutical amenities and competent medical professionals for prompt medical attention for all students and staffs.