GISO has been a signature program since 2011, aiming at creating a channel for our students to actively involve in Islamic missions via various types of activities such as community engagement and volunteerism. The focus is on regional and other minority Muslim countries around the world.

Since 2011 to 2015, 80 visits to various part of the world were successfully organized, involving 1657 USIM students in total. They went to countries i.e. China, Filipina, Australia, Jepun, Kemboja, Loas, Vietnam, Thailand, Maldives, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Korea, India, Turki, Singapura, Brunei and Emiriah Arab Bersatu.

The community engagement activities via GISO focus more on the objectives of having valuable knowledge sharing and knowledge transfer so as to benefit both the students and the community with the minimum of 18 hours in total per entire duration of a GISO programme. We hope that GISO will empower the communities and provide capability towards the transformation of their life to a higher level with the acquired knowledge and experience. Common activities in the past were as follows : sanitation facility, ablution facility, reading skills, writing skills, math skills, fard ‘ain and Quranic recitation, courtesy visits to orphanage home, Arabic teaching, English teaching, Qurban and aqiqah, khat skills, mini library setup, various donations and cultural arts performances.

We hope that via GISO, Malaysia will be remembered and specifically USIM will be always in the heart and mind of the people. We strive our efforts towards becoming one of the Islamic institutions to be referred in any aspects of life in the future.

The GISO program is administered under Unit Kesukarelawanan, Bahagian Hal Ehwal Pelajar (