Vision, Mision & Objectives (VMO) of USIM are designed towards nurturing a noble generation and a knowledgeable society based on Islamic principles. This includes emphasis on knowledge sharing at an international level as a means of promoting mutual understanding and to foster peace, harmony and global development.  Therefore, an institutional culture that embeds the universal Islamic worldview in the University’s curriculum, teaching and research activities is essential so that the USIM community of students and staff can become global learners and citizens.


‘Alamiyyah refers to an institutional environment of academic excellence and research which is undertaken to address issues and problems that affect the ummah. Structured on Islamic values and worldview, every effort is given to create an international and intercultural awareness at every level of thinking and action within USIM. This includes

  • partnerships that enhance the quality of teaching, learning, and research and innovations
  • a curriculum that ensures exposure to diverse perspectives and understandings
  • teaching and learning that uses innovative technologies to establish global classrooms
  • creating opportunities for transnational mobility
  • participating in global networks
  • promoting “Internationalization at Home” which supports socially responsible (based on Islamic social ethics and values) and intercultural activities including sports and recreations, to nurture a campus community with global awareness and that is respectful of others

At USIM ‘Alamiyyah, we recognize the VMO of USIM and it is our responsibility to translate them into strategic plans, actions and meaningful outcomes. As such USIM ‘Alamiyyah VMO is as follows:


To be the distinguished higher education global centre.


    To spearhead USIM excellence in the aspects of international relation and support services for a quality campus experience in the area of:

  • International mobility programmes, credit or non-credit, including edutourism
  • International topics relating to student exchange and partnerships
  • international student services.
  • International strategic collaborations


  1. Provide support to all departments in USIM in realizing international programmes and the maximizing the value of the outcomes.
  2. Promoting campus without borders in line with Islamic principles and values.
  3. Providing quality support services for staff and students in international related programmes.
  4. Supporting international relation that promotes knowledge transfer and cultural understanding for the benefits of stakeholders.