On September 14th, USIM ‘Alamiyyah received a visit from a delegation from Raden Intan Lampung State Islamic University, led by Prof. Dr. Ruslan Abdul Ghofur, the Director of the Graduate Program at Raden Intan Lampung State Islamic University. The delegation consisted of 42 members, including lecturers and students from both undergraduate and PhD programs.

This marked the second visit of UIN Lampung to USIM, aimed at discussing collaboration between the two institutions. During the discussions, various key issues were addressed, including the potential signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to enhance activities between USIM and UIN Lampung.

Furthermore, UIN Lampung expressed a strong interest in appointing supervisors and external examiners for their postgraduate students. This initiative is aimed at obtaining valuable input and knowledge sharing to enhance the quality of research. The meeting also explored topics related to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs, Summer Camp initiatives, and opportunities for joint publication of journals, particularly those indexed in Scopus, with USIM’s journal publication.

It is hoped that this meeting will serve as a catalyst for strengthening the cooperative relationship between USIM and Indonesian universities in the fields of knowledge and expertise development for the betterment of the community.