If you change your programme of study from other  University/Institution to USIM, you must apply for VAL again.

For this process to complete, you must:

  • It is mandatory for you to include a Release Letter from the relevance department of your previous University/Institution regarding this intention.
  • shorten your existing Student Pass (your previous University/Institution MUST do this).
  • apply a Special Pass (If your existing Student Pass is about to expire in 1 week or less, your previous Institution MUST process this Special Pass application. If more than that, we will help.
  • proceed to Inter-variation Application

You have to send the standard set of document during Visa Approval Letter (VAL) application through relevance department (Center for Graduate Studies/ Division of Academic Management/ Preparatory Programme for International Student) before the visa approval letter is released from the Malaysian Department of Immigration. The documents are as follows:

  • Full pages of medical report USIM form
  • Full pages of passport (validity of passport should be ONE year and THREE months)
  • 4 Copy of passport-sized WHITE background photographs 45mm (high) x35mm (wide) and email a softcopy to visa@usim.edu.my by mentioning your passport no and name. (https://educationmalaysia.gov.my/how-to-apply/passport-photo-guidelines.html/)
  • Proof of Payment (Official Receipt of payment)
  • One year (1) copy of receipt paid to USIM Bendahari for insurance fee of RM 450 for one year.