On Thursday, June 22, 2023, Universitas Darunnajah, represented by Dr. Muhammad Irfanudin Kurniawan M.Ag, Vice Rector for Academic Affairs, and Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM), represented by Prof. Dr. Mohd Radhi Ibrahim, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic and International Relations), engaged in a discussion to implement collaborative programs aimed at enhancing cooperation and the quality of both universities.

At least five programs were discussed between Dr. Irfanudin and Prof. Mohd Radhi Ibrahim.

In this scheme, both universities agreed to facilitate student and faculty exchanges, with each campus funding the activities. This initiative will provide students and faculty with the opportunity to learn and teach in different academic environments, thereby enhancing cross-cultural understanding and expertise.

Universitas Darunnajah and USIM will also introduce a double-degree program in the fields of science and business. This program will allow students to earn two degrees simultaneously from both universities, combining expertise in both fields.

One aspect of the discussion involved alumni meetings of USIM at Universitas Darunnajah. Creating opportunities for alumni to gather and share experiences will strengthen the social and academic networks between the two institutions.

Universitas Darunnajah will launch international class programs at the postgraduate level. This initiative will attract international students to study in a diverse academic environment, fostering the exchange of ideas and knowledge among students.

As a show of support, Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia will offer tuition discounts to a minimum of 5 students who enroll from Universitas Darunnajah. This step aims to promote diversity and forge close relationships between the two institutions.

The implementation of this collaborative program is expected to benefit both universities and enhance the quality of cross-border education. The productive discussion among the academic leaders of both institutions demonstrates a strong commitment to expanding collaboration in the forms of teaching, research, and knowledge exchange.


Source: https://www.darunnajah.ac.id/diskusi-implementasi-program-kerjasama-antara-universitas-darunnajah-dan-university-sains-islam-malaysia-usim/