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What our Indonesian students feel about USIM

“USIM International Community made unique and refresing programs in some season. As a result, it realeses our heavy mind and we can be ourselves when we spend time together as International. I see that International Bonding getting stronger overtime!”

Siti Nur Aliya (Indonesia), Faculty of Quranic and Sunnah (FPQS)

“Study in USIM is really meaningful, too much memories created here with humble and kind friends also with friendly staff. Then, the environment there is so supporting for study, because its no crowded and far from silk road so we can study more focuses… Furthermore I in love with Quranic environment there, especially at the mosque… So USIM is highly recommended for you guys.”

Zidny Zammi Fadhel Firdaus, Faculty of Quranic and Sunnah (FPQS)

“Learning how to integrate aqly and naqly knowledge became another level for me to understand the importance of seeking knowledge.”

Falah Ibrahim (Indonesia), Faculty of Leadership and Management (FKP)

“I enjoyed the academic challenges and the spiritual growth that I experienced. I learned how to apply Aqli and Naqli knowledge to various problems and situations. Thanks USIM.”

Samsul Ihsan (Indonesia), Faculty of Economics and Muamalat (FEM)


Tune in to a podcast that highlights fascinating experiences shared by international students at USIM. Featuring three students from Indonesia – Ahmad Yunus, Siti Hajar Al-Khansa, and Abdul Latif Fikry – each of them is a student at the Faculty of Leadership and Management, USIM.

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