What is IGSN?

Islamic Global School Network (IGSN) is an annual USIM engagement program targeting participation from regional and global Islamic schools managed by USIM ‘Alamiyyah. The concept of IGSN is to provide exposure in a holistic manner covering various aspects such as academics, leadership, personality and spirituality, sports and culture.

The purpose of the program is to gather young Muslim’s future leaders who are in high schools around the globe to share, interact and build network through series of activities.

Islamic Global School Network (i-GSN) is an international school network based in Islamic education who had contact with the USIM either through visitation by USIM administrative staff, lecturers and students or visitation by the particular school to USIM campus.

The main purpose is to maintain the current relationship by spreading current leaflets, brochures and magazines related to the current development of academic, research and student activities in USIM to the i-GSN network.

The i-GSN network also as a platform for USIM for internationalization program which will enhance cooperation in terms of promotion and international student intakes into USIM.

This program was created to develop a list of schools database of the international Islamic education that has established relationships with USIM that will be updated from time to time. 

One of the program under i-GSN flagship is the i-GSN Jamboree, where USIM Alamiyyah or the International Centre plays host to about 150 students from schools all over the region and as far as Australia to promote understanding of Islam and to showcase what USIM has to offer. The Jamboree was first conducted in 2015 and to this date, 16 schools with 555 students have experienced first-hand what it would be like to be USIM students, and a significant number of i-GSN alumni has become USIM students.



Experience campus life in through attending lectures, tutorials and laboratories; Exposure to students about the integration of culture, language and campus life between local or international students; Promote Malaysia Tourism by visiting popular and historical places.