USIM, 29 March – Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM) fostered a spirit of togetherness and cultural exchange during a grand Iftar gathering. The event, which saw over 150 guests in attendance, brought together international staff and students, along with representatives from Immigration Malaysia Department (JIM) and Education Malaysia Global Services (EMGS).

The program commenced with a heartfelt and insightful tazkirah (religious talk) delivered by an international student. Following this, the International Students Association (INSAN) and USIM Global Buddies captivated the audience with a video montage, showcasing the essence of Ramadan through captivating visuals.

Professor Dr. Mohd Radhi Ibrahim, Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic and International), graced the event with a speech. He emphasized the importance of international staff and students as valuable members of the USIM community. He further encouraged them to promote USIM on the global stage, offering an incentive of RM 1,000 for successful recruitment efforts.

The gathering wasn’t just about formalities; it provided a welcoming space for international students to connect with their peers and celebrate Ramadan alongside their families. This inclusive environment fostered a sense of belonging and community spirit, especially for those away from their home countries during this holy month. Nasi Arab was served as the main course for the guests to enjoy.