29 Oct – A total of 15 international students from USIM carried out a community service program (CSR) at the Shikin Shelter located in Alor Gajah, Melaka. The focus of the program was on the rehabilitation and treatment of abandoned cats and dogs, and they also donated a sum of RM 600 to the center.

According to the owner of Shikin Shelter, Puan Shikin, the efforts to rescue abandoned cats and dogs have been ongoing for nearly 7 years. This noble mission was inherited from her late father.

“At first, my family and I faced criticism from some members of the community who couldn’t accept our decision to care for and treat dogs. This was because some people were sceptical when a Muslim person cares for and treats dogs. Up to this day, I take care of around 100 cats and 100 dogs,” she said.

Activities carried out at the shelter included cleaning the surrounding area, planting trees, and cleaning cat enclosures. This program was a collaborative effort between USIM and students from UiTM Melaka. Shikin Shelter is a private center engaged in charitable work to rescue and provide proper care for abandoned cats and dogs.

In addition to the CSR program, international students from USIM were exposed to the culture, history, and traditional food in the Melaka area as part of their cultural immersion. This served as one of the Internationalisation@Home activities for international students at USIM.