Industrial  Training  is designed for undergraduate students to acquire essential work  experience  done  during  the  program  of  study  that  is  relevant  to  their career design pathway  prior  to  graduation. Students must commit to a completion of at least 60 working days of approved industrial training prior to graduation.

The  fundamental  objective  of the programme is to  prepare  students  for  future  employment  in  their  chosen discipline.    Industrial  Training  enhances  students skill set they have learned at campus. It also create opportunities for them to practice what they have learned and adapt the skills to the requirement of the industries. The objectives of Industrial Training is to :
1) provide real work experience for students
2) Develop understanding of an organisation’s business rules and best practices
3) Interact with other workers, peers and superiors.
4) Apply knowledge to a business problems and learn from it

Having an International Industrial Training is an added advantage for students as it will provide students the right perspective to work at a global arena. Students can quickly learn to adapt various challenges i.e., technical, background, cultural differences, languages etc.

USIM ‘Alamiyyah does  not  provide  a  list  of  potential  employers  for  industrial  training.    It  is  the  responsibility  of  each student to obtain his/her own employment for Industrial Training. Students must find their own opportunities to have Industrial Training overseas. They are required to attend an interview at USIM ‘Alamiyyah for screening and for possible funding.

Download Form here:

1. Application Form for International Internships Programme

2. Paperwork International Industrial Training

3. Deadline for submission of Overseas Industrial Training application