Participants will be able to :

  • determine the critical components in Halal food production
  • recognise the latest global market trends related to Halal industry
  • understand the mechanisms of Halal practice

Course Outline

  • Module 1 : Globalization of Halal Market
    • interface of Halal and Global Culture
    • Trends of Halal Market and Branding
  • Module 2 : Halal Food Production – from Farm to Plate
    • The Concept of Halal and Wholesomeness
    • Syariah Principles of Halal Industries
    • Animal Welfare and Halal Slaughtering
    • Food Safety, Quality and Hygiene Controls
    • Halal Critical Control Points
  • Module 3 : Understanding Halal Practice
    • Halal Assurance System
    • Case Study: 7 Halal Certification schemes
    • Industrial Visit: JAKIM/HDC/JSM/Unilever/Pharmaniaga/Mamee/Nestle