As an international student, you are eligible to bring in your family members into Malaysia throughout your valid study period. However, there is a limit of whom you should allow to follow you and they are entitled a Dependent Pass. It is the responsibility of the applicant to apply for the PASS at the Immigration Department, Malaysia.

You can bring the following under Dependent Pass

  1. Your parent (Father and Mother, but not Father/Mother-in-laws).
  2. Children under 7 years old.
  3. Siblings under 7 years old.

Your children and siblings who are 7 years old or older must apply a different visa (i.e. student Pass, Working Pass etc).

Note that, Dependent Pass require a Student Pass to complete first. It is encouraged that you wait until your Student Pass application completed first before bringing in your family to Malaysia because there were cases in the past in which the Student Pass is yet to complete but the Visitor Pass of those family members is expiring. In such a case, they must leave the country and come in again under a new Visitor Pass.

In order to process the Dependent Pass application, the applicant must :

  1. Apply endorsement Letter for the dependent members from Your Embassy/High Commission
  2. Pass the Letter and related documents to USIM for us to issue a Supporting Letter
  3. Proceed to the Immigration Department of Malaysia/Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia in Seremban (Location : 2.695675, 101.975495)


Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia (Location : 2.695675, 101.975495)
Bahagian G, Unit PLS
Tingkat 2, Wisma Persekutuan
Jalan Dato’ Abd Kader
70000 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan
Tel: +606 762 0000 ext 205/207

Please note the following checklist before heading to the immigration office.

Checklist for Application of PIM 19/2007 (Guardian/Dependent to Foreign Student in Malaysia

  • Form IMM.55
  • Form IM.38 (VISA)
  • Confirmation Letter of Student’s from University
  • Birth Certificate/Letter from Embassy(Relationship)
  • Marriage Certificate/Registration of Marriage
  • Children Birth Certificate
  • Applicant Passport
  • Personal Bond (Stamping worth RM10)
  • Annual Health Insurance Policy of Applicant
  • Latest Student’s Financial Statement
  • Latest Photo of Applicant (two pieces of Passport size with BLUE background) (
  • “Declaration of Oath” For every child under the age of 18 if does not attend school

Change of rates:
JP Visa RM500 + Visa (Country rate)
Long term social visit pass (RM90/year)
Re-entry visa (Country rate)

Each dependent must have a passport. Incomplete documentation will be rejected by the Immigration Department.