Arabic Requirement

Arabic Proficiency requirements are as follows:

For Graduates:

  • Graduated from institution(s) that uses Arabic Language as the medium of instruction, or
  • Arabic language as a mother tongue or native language of the applicants, or
  • Attended and passed the Arabic Language Proficiency Test (APT) conducted by the University.   

For Undergraduates:

The applicants may apply for exemption from Arabic Language Placement Test (APT), if they fulfil the above conditions:


Applicants who do not meet any of the above requirements are required to pass the USIM Arabic Language Placement Test (APT). Any students who failed the APT or have not met the requirements for Arabic Language proficiency are required to pass a course in Arabic Language as a graduation requirement.


Both Arabic and English courses are only designed by the University to be taken as pre-conditions; it will not be computed and calculated