Director's Welcome Message


Assalamualaikum and Greetings from the USIM ‘Alamiyyah International Centre.

Welcome to the USIM ‘Alamiyyah International Centre (USIM 'Alamiyyah) website, the one-stop link for everything related to internationalisation in USIM. The website is designed as a window into the life and study in USIM, provide information to assist prospective students and visitors as well as to the current USIM students and community.

As the university matures, interest from students abroad to pursue their studies in USIM and from international universities and academic institutions to collaborate with our faculty members have increased significantly. To facilitate and manage the growth of international students and visitors to the university, the International Office was restructured and re-branded into the USIM ‘Alamiyyah International Centre in 2014. The term ‘Alamiyyah is a concept which describes USIM’s holistic approach to education encompasses the inclusion of universal perspectives in the university’s curriculum, teaching and learning as well as research activities. The ‘Alamiyyah approach also emphasises on the importance of global participation of every level of the university community to engage in transnational  networks and research as well as experience other cultures. Thus transnational mobility and Internationalization programmes play an important role in the university’s endeavour to create and enrich intercultural awareness in the campus and create a community and alumni who can function within a global context.

This website gives information on the services provided by USIM 'Alamiyyah and how it functions to support the university’s ‘Alamiyyah policy. Prospective international students in particular will find a wealth of information to assist them as they make their  pre-departure preparations. We understand the anxiety students and parents experience to study in a foreign land. To address this, there is a link to USIM Ambassadors, who are selected local and international students, for students to contact personally for guidance and advise as you journey to Malaysia and USIM in particular. It is hoped that this interaction among peers will ease your preparations and allay your fears.

Existing students and USIM staff on the other hand have access to a repository of directory of contacts, USIM partners and collaborators as well as reports of all the inbound visits according to country and outbound working visits. It is hoped that the information provided will facilitate students and staff while planning for transnational activities and visits.

I hope you will find this site informative and user friendly and look forward to  your feedback so that we can continuously improve our services.

Wassalam and Warm Regards.


Prof. Dr. Fauzias Mat Nor
Director, USIM 'Alamiyyah